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Denver Downtown Loft

One of my passions is the ability to reconfigure spaces whether it be homes, businesses or other spaces. The opportunity to completely reinvent a space using what already exists is a welcomed and gratifying challenge for me. Oftentimes, I come across people who have a great eye for design and have incorporated incredible accent pieces into their space, but may need a little extra help organizing the items to better fit the space.

I always like to begin a design project by having a conversation with the users of the space to get a better idea of exactly what kind of space they want. It’s a very different approach to design for one person as opposed to a family with kids or a business establishment. The users' daily habits are one of the biggest influencers in effectively guiding my design plan. They also help me recognize areas where improvements can be made.

This client was looking to change their existing space and wanted something new and fresh without having to invest in new pieces. Since this client is an avid world traveler, they had an impressive collection of unique pieces from around the world. I chose to focus my design on highlighting these unique pieces.

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