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Traveler Apartment

With this project, I had limited time with the space and a small budget to work with. I focused my energy on dressing the apartment and making it more attractive. "Dressing" is a common approach among real estate agents looking to quickly turn a sale. By staging the apartment, viewers are able to see the full potential of the space.

The goal of the owner was to rent this space as quickly as possible. Since the future renter was still unknown, I chose to work with a neutral color pallet using earth tones as my base and adding pops of color for accents.

A lot of the decorative items you see here are possessions that my client previously owned and were simply stored away. I supplemented these items with pieces that I found during two trips to second-hand stores.

The bathroom really needed an intervention, and I needed to find a quick and inexpensive way to intervene. My solution was to create an abstract and geometric mural inspired by the mountains of Colorado, but with a modern twist. It’s incredible what a little paint and imagination can do for a small space!

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